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Customer expectations are rising in all areas of service

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Customer expectations are rising in all areas of service. Our mission is to meet and exceed these expectations across all of our services. We strongly believe that the care home sector should lead the way in setting standards of person-centred care and satisfaction.

At Leicestershire County Care we are extremely proud to be recognised by fellow professionals as a respected provider of healthcare across the East Midlands. We are committed to a programme of creating and maintaining high quality care facilities. Our care standards are founded on the fundamental principles of good care practices.

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We believe in providing a level of personal care and support that meets the needs of each individual and aim to promote and maintain freedom of choice and independence. Together with our residents, their families and friends, we create a personalised Care Plan which we review and update regularly to reflect changing needs to ensure the utmost care and support at all times.

Our residents are treated with respect and dignity. We know through experience that it is often the little things that can make a big difference, whether that includes pursuing hobbies or having photographs, ornaments or other treasured possessions to hand.

Our belief in caring for the elderly is to maintain the highest standards of quality care. Our abiding personal and professional concern is safeguarding the interest and well-being of all residents as well as offering person-centered care.

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